Utilizing Social Media to Share Your Story

Do you ever look at your life and then compare it to other's social media feeds? Don't lie, you know we have all done it. It is one of those things where they say, don't compare your "behind the scenes" to everyone else's "highlight reel." 

Over the past 5 years I have constantly compared myself to other's beautiful social feeds because I have neglected my own social media feeds and my own brand. I mean, who wants to work all day on someone else's social media and then come home and work just as hard on you own...not this girl!

Since going out on my own I have had more time to work on my feeds and enjoy taking beautiful images and making engaging content. Now, not all farmers and small business owners have time to develop extensive strategies and spend countless hours on social media. But it doesn't have to be that hard.

Here are some simple tips to keeping your feeds beautiful while also not making it a full time job.

1.) K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) - Who else learned this in school? Social Media isn't rocket science but it does take planning and thought, especially if you are going to be good at it. Take some time at the beginning of each month and decide what you want to convey to your consumers/audience. Are you a grain producer who wants to highlight harvest, planting, fixing equipment? These are things you can plan out because you know (if the weather cooperates) when these activities typically happen.

2.) Be authentic - Be yourself, even if it is something you don't think your audience will like. People want to know their farmer/realtor/insurance agent are human. They don't need pretty logos thrown at them. People want to relate and they want to be able to see you as one of their friends or someone they could hang out with in their community.

3.) Share Your Story - Not someone else's story. I promise, especially for my ag friends, your story is one that less than 2% of the American population is familiar with and that makes you an instant novelty....capitalize on it. Don't be afraid to share when you are hauling manure, delivering a calf, getting yourself stuck in the mud.

4.) Don't preach to the choir - Farmers....don't talk to other farmers. That isn't sharing your story to people who need to hear it. Share it with intercity school children, with urban/suburban moms, etc. Step out of your comfort zone. When I became a mom, I joined a mom group for the city of Louisville and it has been eye opening. Do they sometimes say things I don't like...of course, but do I get to throw in the discussion feed that I am a real life dairy farmer and I would love to ask any of their questions they might have? You bet! I also tend to invite anyone who will accept the invitation to come out to the farm so I can explain in person.

Social media isn't hard, you just have to be yourself and sometimes that is a little harder than we think.

If you are ready to take your social media to another level let me know and I would love to help you strategize and set goals.