I'll Be Home For Christmas

For me, I have always had two homes. My mom and dad were separated when I was 6 weeks old and I have never not known two separate places. In fact when I was little I saw a photo of my mom and dad's wedding and gave my mom the most disgusting look and said, "You were married to my dad....ewww, gross." Ha. I don't think it ever crossed my mind.

Good thing a few years later they both remarried to their soul mates. My step-mother and step-father are two of the most loving individuals. They definitely show it in different ways but I always know I am loved. 

When Christmas comes around we obviously spend Christmas Day at our house. Since we had kids it became very important to me for them to have a very chill Christmas not filled with traveling. My momma always says, "Santa doesn't come if you aren't home." 

After we spend the holidays in Louisville hanging out with my dad and the milkman's family we head to western Ky. The past two Christmases we have spent them at Barkley State Resort Park in two cabins. One is the "main" cabin where all meals are eaten, games are played, arguments are had. The other one is strictly for sleeping and additional showers...ha.

This year, the milkman and I decided we wanted to spend a little extra time with my family because we don't get to do it very often. While there we went to church on Saturday night. For people who aren't Catholic, we actually celebrate Christmas from Christmas Day to about the second Sunday of January, known as the Epiphany. In fact, we don't touch our Christmas decorations until after that day. We are in constant celebration mode. During the Christmas season at church St. Jerome (home of the Fancy Farm Picnic) is one of the most beautifully decorated places. It has ambiance lighting, trees, a nativity, and tons of greenery.