Friday Favorites

"IT'S FINALLY FRIDAY..." Name that tune.

Everything around here at the farm has been super tense since the dairy portion has been in limbo. After I published the story on here yesterday and I have received such a wonderful response from it. Thank you to all those who have reached out and offered kind words. It has truly meant so much to us and it has reinforced that we are called to be dairy farmers.

Favorite Read:
 A friend reached out to me last night, she was up watching the Kentucky game (glad I didn't stay up for that one,) and shared something she had read. The part that grabbed at me was the actual definition of longanimity:

the virtue of longanimity: “knowing how to wait, feeling certain during trials, that God’s moment will come when He will fully aid the suffering person.”

To say that I have felt uncertain, unstable, unsure, during this last 6 months would be an understatement. This is the shakiest things have ever been for the Milkman and I. I truly have not been looking at the long game. So I will begin to try. Try to be certain that God has called us to something so much bigger than what we had.

Favorite Eats:
This week is all about cousin Alma's pimento cheese. I have made it twice in one week and the Milkman can't keep his paws off of it. It is such a simple recipe:
1 lb bag of sharp cheddar cheese
Duke's regular mayonnaise
medium jar of chopped pimentos
garlic powder 

Mix the cheese, pimentos, and about a cup of mayonnaise in a bowl, add more if you want a smoother consistency. Add in a sprinkle of garlic powder and keep adding it to taste. Now, eat it with a spoon. DELICIOUS!

Favorite on Netflix:
I have binged watched 5 episodes of Black Mirror this past week while getting work done on the couch. #Sorrynotsorry While this tv show is SOOOO CREEPY about the ways that technology could be in the future some of the episodes are too much for me. I tend to watch the first little bit of it and determine if it will be too dark for me. I love technology and the conveniences it gives but I can definitely see it going too far one day. Hopefully I will be dead by then. 

black mirror.jpeg

Favorite Listen:
As always, I am a sucker for podcasts. And this week I especially am appreciative to the girls over at Pantsuit Politics. The way that Sarah (from the left) and Beth (from the right) approach things in a very "non-political" way but more of a fundamental way, inspires me. Sometimes, because of who someone is I tend to dismiss their ideas and they challenge me EVER week to look beyond what party people are affiliated with and actually listen to the ideas. Just because a legislator belongs to a particular party doesn't mean they agree with everything another person who is from the same party does. They also just make sense to me.

Pantsuit Politics.jpg

Favorite shoe:
I received a gift card to Zappos for Christmas and have you ever received a gift card and refused to spend it because you don't want to make the wrong purchase? Or what if you make a purchase but then really need the gift card? No...just me, oh ok. Well I can't decide between a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of flats for the summer, or a pair of slip-ons OR should I throw a wrench in my plans completely and buy some jeans? Disclaimer: I need none of these things. I REALLY want a pair of Rothy's but they aren't on Zappos and they are definitely out of my budget for right now. BUT I WANT THEM!! (Said in my whiny voice.) 


What kind of shoes would you be getting right now? Let me know if the comments. Also, none of these are affiliate links, I just really liked these things this week. :-)

Hope you have a great weekend and I will see you here next week.