Day 3 (+30). We Will Be Ok.

This past week has been full of a roller coaster of emotions. We received a call on Wednesday from Dean's Foods giving us a 30 day extension on shipping our milk. While it is a sigh of relief to have a place to continue to ship milk I am afraid it is just prolonging the inevitable. 

We still have not received any news on a market and has time moves forward I doubt we will. Everyone has made their decision and that does not include our farm or 13 other farm families here in Kentucky. The Milkman, myself, and our wonderful family have made our peace with it and are starting to figure out what our future holds.

We have several ideas we are throwing out on the table but none that have been decided. 

This next week we will be welcoming CNBC and journalist Contessa Brewer to the farm. They will be here middle of the week to share with the world (literally) what our family and so many other families are going through. 

I am making the Milkman get a haircut and shave his face. His momma and mamaw will be happy. :-)

While I have mostly talked about mine and the Milkman's feelings and journey through this time, I sometimes get so wrapped up that I forget to mention the rest of the family this impacts. This is so much more than the Milkman and I...way more. Our farm has been built by the Milkman's family and they are still so engrained in this dairy. Three generations of families have been raised on this piece of land and those relatives have never seen it without the dairy cows.  When we loaded cows last week several family members came out to help and see the girls off. 

They could tell you so many stories from working on this farm and I love to sit and talk with them about the way things used to be and how things have changed.

Moral of the story. This week is going to be super busy and stupid hard...for everyone. We will see what the future holds but we know we have each other and for this week that has to be enough.