Day 28. More Meetings


Yesterday, I met with some folks from Organic Valley to see if there was anything they can do for us. The market is completely flooded with milk so they are not taking on any new producers right now. We also wanted to learn more about their co-op and the process of transitioning to organic. If we decided to do that, it is a 3 year process. Obviously, we don't have the time for that long of a process. They were gracious for taking the time to meet with us and genuinely concerned about us.

Then had a conversation with Beth Silvers of Pantsuit Politics to discuss the dairy issue. Beth was raised on a dairy so she understands the hard work and selflessness that comes with this kind of lifestyle. I will let you know when it airs but until then, go over and listen to the podcast because it really is about policy and discussing the complexity of those policies both at a federal level and a state level.

My in-laws are headed to a meeting today to see if there are any other options for us. At this point, those options would be our "Hail Mary" pass. Here at home, we are currently preparing for the worst, mentally. We have hope. We have each other.

If you have a question about everything going on, please ask me in the comments below and I will be sure to answer as best I can.

To learn more about where we started in this situation visit my post here.