The Countdown Begins...Day 29

Day 29.

On March 2, we received a letter from Dean Foods Company letting us know they were dropping us as producers on May 31st. I wrote about that here. Since that day, we have tried to find another market for our milk through several co-ops like Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.  We found out last week no one would take us as producers. 

Here we are with 29 days to go, no market for our milk, and a sad day looming in the future. We have some options when it comes to selling our cows, whether we have someone coming to look at them or sell them in an auction, we are currently weighing our options.

This isn’t us giving up the fight, we are readjusting our strategy. Dairy is in our blood. Over the next month I will be touching on some of the main questions I have been asked. So if you do have some questions please comment below and I will be sure to try and answer them.