Day 24. All. The. Feelings.

So, I skipped a few days of updates. There just wasn't that much to say. This is a situation that still sucks and is still making us change our life in ways we never thought we would have to.

I have had several people reach out to me and I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Many people and organizations are still working really hard to try and find us a market, but I want to pose a question.

At what point, do we as dairy farmers in this situation, give up, and then prepare ourselves emotionally for not being dairy farmers anymore. It takes more than overnight to do that. I can't in good conscience continue to ask my husband to hold on to his dream when come May 31st it very well could be taken from him. Other farmers are "rolling the dice" and going until the end and I think they are so brave.

I just don't know when emotionally I need to prepare my family, mostly my husband, for not milking. If we are being really honest, I need to prepare myself, because y'all....I'm not prepared. I am sitting on an airplane and started crying. Out of the blue...full blown ugly cry. I never planned my life with our animals. The animals that I met on their first day on this Earth, the cows we saved from illness when we thought we couldn't, cows we see and interact with EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We will be ok. We have each other. It just hurts right now.

To learn more about how we got to this moment, read my post here.

jersey and alexander