A Modern Milkmaid began when I saw a need for marketing professionals to serve the farm, agribusiness, ag organization and agri-tourism industries.


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Logo design

Your logo is the “first impression” everyone gets from your brand. Are you

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Content creation

Need specific images for your business? From food, customers, and product imagery, we can capture the story of your business.

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digital consulting

Looking to grow your digital community or learn how to share your story? Let us help by developing a plan of action to take you through the year.

Legacy Sessions

A beautiful thing about agriculture to me are the generations involved. On any given farm you can have 3 or 4 generations involved. Moving each other forward while keeping each other grounded. As older generations pass the family farm and business down to the next I love to capture the current interactions and emotions each member of the family displays while tending to the land. 

During a Legacy Session I come armed with my camera and document a whole day on the farm through your eyes. It can be as simple as harvest to picking beans out of the garden.

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